Solving drainage systems always takes a lot of time and energy. Installing a trench drain takes time, energy, and on top of that, it’s quite expensive. You have to buy drainage materials like the channel, top grating, and pay the shipping cost. It also needs installation time and expense for concrete, and either you hire a contractor or do it yourself, you spend a lot both ways. And after all these, if the drainage system fails for some reason, it feels like all was wasted. We found 3 main reasons why a Galvanised grated trench may fail. If you know why it fails, you can take measures so that it doesn’t fail the next time.

Bad Installation

This is the most common reason why a drainage system fails. In most cases, you will need concrete to encase your trench drain and in some cases, you don’t, for example, if you install the drain in a paver patio where you don’t expect much vehicle traffic. If you use incorrect drainage materials and don’t follow the proper installation method, your drainage system will most likely fail. You need to closely adhere to the concrete so that it encases well with the body of the channel and if the whole drain is supported by concrete, the weight of vehicles will be transferred to concrete and it will leave the Polymer channel grate intact.

Not Selecting the Right Drain

Drain selection is an essential part of how well your trench drain will work. You need to figure out how much water the drain can handle and how much will flow through it. If the drain is overrun with more water than it can handle, its purpose will be lost. Most people give more emphasis on how good the drench looks than what purpose it will serve. But if you use a plastic drain in an area that has fork truck traffic, it will definitely fail.

Some drains are made for heavy-duty and some are for the light. You need to know which to use where. For example, the plastic drains you can find at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. are not meant for heavy-duty. They are made for you to use them in driveways where there’s very little automobile traffic. But if the area has heavy traffic, using a polymer grated, or, a galvanized grated trench is a good idea.

Bad Grating Selection

The third most common reason why a drain system fails is the bad grating selection. You need to be careful about the load rating of the grating you’re using. Cheap gratings have lower load class rating. You need to know which grating should be used where. For example, a galvanized grated trench will have ZInc plating that will make it resistant to corrosion and alkaline but if it’s used in dog kennel applications, it will eventually corrode because of animal urine and harsh chemicals.


In summation, we can say that drainage systems fail mostly because of poor selection choices and lack of knowledge about what to use where. If you do a little research before installing, your drain should work properly.


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