Some vitamin plays an essential part in maintaining the brain and heart safe. The right vitamins will enhance cognitive function, strengthen the brain, and help avoid memory loss, improve blood pressure, and decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Meat is ultimately the best source of vitamins. However, if you really want to boost your brain health and can’t take some necessary foods to support that, certain supplements improve brain health.

Stock up these best supplements for brain health which will pack a punch for your heart and brain wellbeing.

#1 Fish Oil

Fish oil is perfect for your brain. The omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are present in fish oil and are essential for neurological growth and function. Many experiments have looked, with promising findings, at the potential of omega-3s to reduce age-related brain degradation. D

Another study found that people who took a six-month supplement of DHA reported changes in learning and memory. I like the fish oil so much that I put it on my list of the top 5 nutrients that everyone can take, and I generally advise adding EPA and DHA for a total of 2000 mg.

#2 Resveratrol

This one also appears on my list of the top five. Resveratrol, a substance present in red wine and dark chocolate, is often said “the molecule of immortality” because it has been shown to lengthen many various species of animals’ lifetimes.

Research indicates that resveratrol can enhance hippocampus plasticity, a memory-associated part of the brain. Older individuals who took 200 mg of resveratrol a day for 26 weeks observed an increase in memory function relative to the placebo community in one positive trial.

#3 L-theanine

L-theanine combines well with caffeine, which is obviously milder and more regular. L-theanine on its own, a compound contained in black and green tea, will bring about a state of calm alertness.

It functions synergistically when combined with caffeine to increase memory and improve reaction time. One systematic analysis showed that L-theanine decreased anxiety and increased concentration concurrently.

#4 Creatine

Creatine plays a significant role in metabolism. Naturally, it is present in the body, mainly in the muscles and smaller quantities in the brain. You can find it in certain foods, especially animal products like beef, fish, and eggs, but it is a joint supplement.

Interestingly, in persons who do not consume beef, Creatine supplementation may boost memory and thinking ability. In fact, one study showed that on a memory and intelligence test, vegetarians taking Creatine supplements experienced a 25–50 percent increase in efficiency.

#5 Caffeine

There is no questioning the power of caffeine to increase concentration. Chances are you have enough anecdotal proof showing caffeine’s ability to amplify your mental prowess. Still, your experience is supported by loads of research.

Caffeinated coffee had a positive impact on alertness and better results on many activities, regardless of when it was drunk, in one trial looking at the effects of coffee consumed at various times of day and night. Beside coffee you can buy organic herbal tea by online. It’s also increases concentration, mental powers and good for brain health.


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