Myths are so deceiving and what’s worse is that people actually believe them. Even in the field of interior painting in New York, there are lots of myths that need to be debunked. These old wives’ tales are usually believed and thus creating an issue with the overall performance and experience of the interior painting. Here are some of the common myths about interior painting;

1. A Professional is Necessary

The most common myth is that interior painting needs to be done by a professional painter. This is not entirely true. You can have your house painted all by yourself or with the help of some of your friends and family. It’s a fun little activity that wouldn’t feel hectic if there are others around you.

2. Primers Are Useless

A primer is an essential tool that deemed useless, waste of time and money by many. However, primer helps to make your walls look more smooth, crisp and clean. It also helps the paint to stick and bind to the wall and do it better than it would ever stick over older coat. It also allows the paint to chip less and last longer.

3. The Normal Paints Will Work in the Bathroom

Every generic paint that you are using for interior painting. Since the bathrooms are very humid, they will break down, crumble or will form streaks of yellow lines from the chemicals on the walls. An anti humid or a paint that is moisture resistant is required for the painting of the bathrooms which can hold up all of the humidity.

4. Taping all of the Edges

Interior painting is a messy business. It requires lot of proofing from the paint drips. Floors are mostly covered with the thick plastic sheets, but edges are covered with tapes. Taping is a good way to avoid mess, but it requires a lot of time to smoothen out and stick to all of the edges. If you are a professional painter and know how much paint to use on a certain wall then you can definitely skip the taping part.

5. Applying Two Coats of Paint

Applying two coats of paints is used to smooth and apply to finish to the paint. According to home remodeling New York services, this is a complete waste of money. The quality of paints has been improved over the years. A primer is enough after one coat of paint to smooth and finish up the paint coat. Two coats are, however, required if you are painting a lighter color over a darker color.

6. Darker Colors Make Room Look Smaller

A room looks big or small on how light reflects around the room and thus darker color make a room look small. This myth is half true, dark room doesn’t reflect enough light, but the size of a room doesn’t have to do with anything with this. It all depends on how you style your room and place all your furniture and how you light it.

These are some of the myths that are associated with interior painting New York. These should be debunked, and you should have all the freedom to paint and express yourselves.


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