What is the best backlink building service? It’s so definite thing to answer as it depends on a number of things. To know that, let’s learn how to get backlinks.

1. Quality Research

There are so many ways to earn backlinks. One of them is to do original research and write informative content. If you really want to get backlinks without begging, this method is very practical. Find out some interesting topics, conduct research work and present it to the public. People will share it and you will get a lot of quality backlinks.

2. Guides & How To’s

The long and comprehensive guides and how to posts get better visibility. When it comes to problems of the users in any area, they look for solutions. Many read detailed posts while others prefer videos. You can do the both in a single post. Write guides and include short videos for further help.

3. Infographics

This method has been around for years and is still very effective. Not many bloggers create infographics because they take a lot of time, research work and efforts. But they are very effective when it comes to getting backlinks. People will share your infographics. You will get backlinks as well as social shares and more traffic on the site.

4. Fill Content Gap

If you want to be unique and impressive in your niche, try to focus on creating quality content. There is always a gap when it comes to content for the readers. For example, in technology niche you can do some research work and provide the world with interesting findings. Such works are shared and they are good source of quality backlinks.

5. Promote Reviews

The user reviews are helpful for a business site in many ways. The primary purpose of the reviews is to help out new customers decide if they should purchase from a brand or not after reading the previous reviews. However, with positive reviews you can also get backlinks. Some users impressed with your product or service will mention the site or backlink it in comments on other sites.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest posts have always remained one of the major sources of getting backlinks. They are easy and have permanent results. All you need is to outreach to the relevant site editors and publish your content. For guest blogging, the quality of the content does matter so try to be creative and original. This is the best source of backlinks if you want to build a brand.

Look for the best backlink building service that can cover every aspect of backlinking for you.

7. Unlinked Mentions

As said that when the users or blogger mention a brand on their sites, they sometimes don’t link it to the original website. You should find all such unlinked mentions and request the authors or editors to link it to your site. You can use tools and apps to find all relevant mentions.

8. Interview Influencers

Interviews are also a great source of earning backlinks. Just sit with and interview the influencers or people who users want to listen to. You will automatically get quality backlinks when the interview will be shared by reliable platforms.


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