The designing process of PDF documents is great. You’ll find the same in all types of devices. That’s why they’re great to share with. But, when it comes to editing them, it’s another point of issue. You’ll be able to export your files in using PDF format with the help of the office application. Also, it’s same for the most photo editors, but you need some other tools to edit them.

Unfortunately, the area of PDF editors has not expanded and it’s still not available too much in number to edit them for free of cost. Although you’ll find there some free apps for PDF file editing, all of them are not coming at the way you’re thinking. So, you should find out the best one for you that can do your job smoothly. Well, let’s know about the best and free PDF editor online tool.


When you’ll go to the homepage of this tool, you’ll find tow different options. One is Launch Online and another one is Download Desktop option. They’re not similar things despite their appearances. In these options, desktop software is just to use as a trial part of the premium product. It’ll make a watermark on the edited files of PDF. With these limitations, it was used as an online editor.

Besides, when you’ll click on launch online, it’ll download to run a petite sized launcher app. It’ll help to launch and run the PDF editor on your system. It allows you editing text with formatting; add new text, and images. Also, it allows you to encrypt the file with an individual password.

PDF-XChange Editor

This PDF editor is excellent software for editing PDF text in that comes with built-in OCR. That means this is an ideal PDF editor to edit your text documents. While using this tool, you’ll be able to delete, retype, and reformat text. Also, if there is a font in the file that has not in your system, it adapts it automatically.

Moreover, you have options to add comments, extra pages, and split PDFs. As it’s said already it comes with OCR, it can identify scanned documents. So, it’s great for you when you have a printout of document like lecture sheets. But, if you want some more features, you have to upgrade to the premium version. Then you’ll be able to use some special features like text boxes and polygonal shapes.


This is online-based PDF editor for free of cost with a wide range of features along with a single caveat. The best one of its features is that it deletes your documents automatically after working three hours. It might be a very generous limitation of time. But, don’t forget it when you need to do loads of work with PDF files.

You’ll get many features with this application including free jpg to pdf converter and many more. These include you can insert text, links, and images, annotations, signing documents. Also, you can add rectangles and ellipses on your documents. But, it doesn’t come with OCR, so you can’t edit the scanned PDF files.


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