In simple term, a PDF reader is nothing but a tool or software to open and read a file that comes in PDF. These days, it’s probably the most useful and famous documentation methods across the world.

Even you’ll find you’re getting the files in the form of PDF unconsciously with your bank statement, newsletter, and many other ways. Also, the devices that are coming this time, they’re coming with automatic compatibility of PDF.

For example, you’re using a smartphone, or a PC with the latest OS, or any other gadget they have a PDF reader.

Moreover, there is some device that can open password protect PDF document. But, in this post, we’ll learn about some top-quality PDF readers that go very well with your Windows and Mac OS to protect a pdf file from being copied.


Pioneering in the PDF market, SumatraPDF is one of the leading names for its user-friendliness. This Windows-based PDF reader is not just easy to use, it also simple to get done your tasks. Also, you can do heavy customization of this tool if you need.

You’ll find some different kinds of viewing modes in this tool. These include Single Page, Book View, Facing, and Presentation. There is another mode of the latter view that’s great for the reading of free distraction.

As there are lots to scope to use keyboard shortcuts, you can do your tasks more easily. Besides, the tool is very smaller in size that’s just about six megabytes, so it’s easy to install as well. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Another great tool that has millions of users across the world, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, is a freeware. With loads of features, this tool has some more things to note. It lets you take snapshots of images and text and allows you to view the PDF in Reading Mode.

As a result, you can watch or read the part with more concentration. Also, there is an option to make the tool read text in loud. That means you don’t need to read your PDF file, the tool will do your job accordingly. It’s another big thing that the tool supports most platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac.

With this tool, it uses a download manager, so the download manager is smaller in size. Also, it’ll ask you to download McAfee Security Scan Plus. If you don’t need it then you can deselect it before start downloading.

PDF-XChange Editor

It’s true the interface of the tool is somewhat disgusting to look at. It’s because it has toolbars, buttons, and many more features scattered the interface. But, there is an option to disable unwanted tools and buttons.

Also, it not just open and make readable a PDF file, it also is able to enter a PDF’s URL to the tool to open. In this case, the PDF files are still downloadable, but you need the tool.

Using this tool, you also can add notes, attach files, highlight text, record and attach audio, some more things that are not available in some other PDF reading tools.


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