Catering websites have proved their efficiency time and time again! As people are using their phones to find out information regarding food and restaurants, it’s no surprise they would look for catering services websites when needed. At this point, if you don’t use a website, your food business wouldn’t thrive as much as you expect it to be. Therefore, catering sites are necessary. For a catering service to entice their customer, its website has to be immersive and functional. Let’s talk about what you should include on your website to make it more appealing to the traffic.

1. Mobile Compatibility

Responsiveness has become a significant part of a website these days. Since the majority of the views comes from mobile devices, creating a responsive website means more traffic. The count of web traffic from mobile devices is growing every year, which means you would eventually get more traffics in the future. If your site lacks mobile optimization, you are missing your chance to attract your potential customers.

2. Social Media Buttons

Social media is essential to increase your viewers as well as potential customers. Linking your websites to social media handles and engaging with your customers through those is a great way to make an impression on them. All catering companies need to provide the company email as well as the contact number. It helps the customer to contact your company when they are looking for a catering service.

3. Direction and Timings

Showing enticing images of delicacies and intriguing the customers aren’t the only thing a website does. Your company’s website act as a brand and its identity as well. Adding a map and detailed direction would make it easy for your customers to drop by. It’s also insightful to provide your opening and closing time as well as the weekends.

4. Well-Clicked Pictures of Your Food Item

A well-designed website containing poor-quality images is a nightmare for every catering companies. Your food and decor is your USP, and if you can’t express that through your pictures, you can’t make many sales. Grainy, low-quality stock pictures are a big no-no! Instead, invest in a food photographer who knows their job well. That way, they can capture the perfect shot of the delightful delicacies. Remember, the goal of your catering website is to appeal your traffic and convert them into customers.

5.  Add in Details and Info

An outstanding food catering website with stunning graphics but no information at all is the worst kind of website a viewer would come across. Without any information, a site is entirely counterproductive. Your catering website is your brand that talks about your company’s potentials and successes. When your website doesn’t reveal any necessary information, it might come across as shady. Thus, your customers are going to run as fast they can. That’s why every company’s website has an “About Us” page as this page would contain details about who they are and what they do. Also, list all the prices of your services properly.

If you are planning to hire a website designer and developer, letting them know what you want in your website. So, that when they build a website for you, they include all these utilities there.


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