Usually, Australians are one of the early adopters something new like technology and they’re not exceptional when it comes to use mobile phones. If you’re going to buy a mobile phone you have to think about a lot of things. These include how much mobile data you’ll need to using and whether you need to choose a prepaid plan or you should get a contract phone plan. But, the biggest question is that which mobile carrier you should choose and whether it covers the areas you like to use your phone. It’s because you’ll find your mobile phone almost useless if you don’t get a good network service in your area.

Top Mobile Carriers in Australia

You’ll find a lot of mobile operators in Australia, but all of them are not the same that you can choose for you. They come with different plans and deals for different types of users. We have selected top four operators who cover up to 99 areas of the country. Well, let’s get a quick look on them below:


This is the leading mobile carrier in Australia and great for their wider network coverage. Also, they offer various types of mobile plans and Telstra home phone bundles are one of them.


It’s considered to be the second largest mobile carrier that comes with so many personal and business plans for its users.


This mobile carrier covers up most of the metropolitan and larger cities of the country with about 38 different plans.

Virgin Mobile

If we talk about Virgin Mobile it’s at the fourth position in these cases, but it uses the network of Optus and coming with about 27 plans.

What Packages & Deals They Offer?

The above-said mobile carriers come with a lot of types of mobile packs and deals for their customers. For example, they offer some package deals that are included with minutes, data, handset, a pre-agreed limited monthly usage bundles. Also, you’ll find some of them are providing contract options where you have a chance to use their service for a monthly fixed fee and it’s usually up to 24 months’ duration. You can get a prepaid plan, which is getting used widely and is a great way that allows you full control over your mobile use. Besides, you’ll find so many data packages that are recommended for you if you’re using the internet frequently.

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Plan That You Afford Most?

Well, let’s know some tips about how to choose your preferred mobile plan that you afford most.

  • Do Some Researches which mobile plan you should select that is perfect for you.
  • Compare with prepaid vs. a contract phone if you need a handset as well.
  • Look for SIM-only plans if you have a mobile phone previously.

Bottom Line

You’ll find a wide range of different Telstra home phone bundles and packages to choose from. And it’s especially needed for you if you’re a heavy data user or you need the options of the global roaming. So, you have to perform good researches before you get a plan for you whether it meets your all needs.


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