If you are a caterer or have a catering business, you already know the importance of a well-made website. It is a place where you can showcase your business and skill, but it is an essential tool to acquire leads and clients.

That makes websites for caterers the most critical marketing tool to have at your disposal if you are running a catering operation. People don’t use Yellow Pages anymore.

They search for everything on the internet. Creating the perfect website for food and catering companies has been the focus of everyone in this industry.

When creating a website focused on highlighting your catering service company, you add special features that showcase the fantastic food and services you provide through amazing pictures.

We here at FlexCatering have been working with catering companies for some time now and have helped them build killer catering websites for their businesses.

We have created a list of common features that all of the best catering websites have from this experience. So let’s check them out!

Showcase The Things Visitors Want

When people are looking up your catering site, they don’t want to know the business’s entire backstory. That comes later. They want to get down to the brass tacks.

Show them that you offer what they are looking for, make the point that you can do it better than most, and you are a professional. Also, the visitors will be looking if you are within their price range. So make sure you showcase your price prominently.

Writing like Hemingway won’t get you the clients you need. Only the pertinent information will. Put some thought into building the design for your sight.

If you only do weddings, then integrate the wedding theme into your design. Your website layout should elevate your services and highlight your skills and specialties.

Make sure you let your visitors know the services you offer. Information like buffet catering services or catering services for corporate events and your sample menus and your food specialties will go a long way into convincing your visitors.

Producing High-Quality Media Assets

Visitors crave good quality content. The better the quality of images and videos you have on your website, the more visitors and leads you will have.

Little catchy thumbnails won’t cut it anymore. When people are looking for online catering and foodservice companies, they will look for videos and photos that show what you did and how you do it.

People will look for beautifully presented food and events that have been captured perfectly. High-value images and videos will encourage people to engage with your business.

Have professional photographs instead of blurry iPhone shots made up of uninspired compositions. One of the reasons wedding caterers often tops the list of best catering sites is because they utilize professional wedding photographers’ help. So make sure you create high-quality media assets for your catering site.

Mobile Takes Precedence

A recent study revealed that 92% of people who look for food and catering companies search for them online.

So what this underlines is the fact that not only does your website need to be beautiful and function properly, but they also have to be a mobile responsive design.

People are accustomed to scrolling their phones and looking at possible services to take up passively. Also, they don’t want to wait for a website to load on their phone.

So you have to make sure you take great care into building your website so that it is mobile friendly. It should show up fully, look amazing on phones, and most definitely be loading very fast.

SEO Is Key

Studies show that 90% of all the website traffic comes from the first page of Google and other search engines, and it’s no exception for catering websites.

People on the internet don’t have the patience to scroll to the second page. Most don’t even scroll down after the first few listings.

To make your online catering website successful, you should populate your site with fresh, keyword-rich content that is highly SEO optimized.

It will help your rise through the ranks, and if done right, you will be able to rank high for the terms and keywords people search for when looking for an online ordering website for caterers.

Simple Steps Go a Long Way

As you can see, these simple steps can go a long way into taking your catering website to the next level.

Implement the changes and upgrade your approach, and you will quickly start dominating your competition. So get to working now! Well, that’s it for now. We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!


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