As a freelancer, you can’t easy to hang on to your task. When you don’t have a real boss over your other end, you have to just post your own content on the social media and passing hours watching YouTube. Even it might be hard to get motivated when you’re with your dream job. Fortunately, you don’t need to do it alone as there are a variety of custom web apps out are designed to settle down this method and make it simpler to work always. In this case, we’re going to discuss some of the browser-based tools and they could be a godsend to consider the best efficiency apps that are designed for you, freelancers. Also, self-will isn’t an ability you’ll lift up immediately while spending your complete business life being told how and what to do.

Now, let’s know about some best custom web apps so that you can stay productive with them.

StayFocusd & LeechBlock

No matter you’re using Chrome or Firefox preferably, you’ll get the same premise. In this case, can use the app StayFocusd on your Chrome browser and LeechBlock for Firefox. While using these apps, you can start blocking the notorious sites that eat a lot of time easily. When you get yourself on social media and wasting hours, you must shut those sites off forcefully. As both extensions are very much customizable and let you block some certain sites and certain times of a day, it prevents wasting time on some unwanted task.


While you’re able to stay organized, you can get a massive boost to your productivity in a simple way at times. By creating personal cards within them, you can use this app to make boards for every single project that you’re running. Using this app, you also can add checklists and categories along with other small tools to your personal card. Though it’s basically designed for teamwork, you can use it to keep your personal projects in an organized way.


As it happens for many, they feel satisfied than ticking off on their checklist. This is because you’ll find the multi-device app has all the essentials of a checklist app that you need and somehow more than you need. Not only for reminders, scheduling to priorities and tags and turning emails into tasks, can it make you able to work with your team. No matter it’s basically designed for teamwork, you can use it to keep your personal projects in a prearranged way.


When you find your entire team is getting troubled with focus, you may think about this app for the best solution. if you use this app, you’ll get the benefits of assigning tasks to your team members and communicate with anyone effectively. apart from these, you’ll be able to organize all your files in a single place and your tools as well to make your jobs easy. These are not all that are fundamentals as there are much more to it and all are somehow useful to you.


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