Car floor mats are an extremely underrated interior upgrade among the enthusiast. They are not only for resting your feet or show off. They can be an excellent way to protect your car’s floor from spills and party junks.

Rubber floor mats and 3D floor mats are two of the most commonly sold item in the car market. However, they differ a lot from one another. If you are looking to buy custom car mats, take a look at these differences first.


Rubber floor mats are well known for their longevity. Liquids and mud are quickly repelled by the durable rubber and can keep much soil and dust underfoot. Plus, rubber is solid and durable, which means you’ll last a long time with your buy.

3D floor mats are just as stiff, but it’s better to reveal dirt and grime than rubber mats. 3D floor mats are made very well, but they need regular washing to continue to look good.


3D floor mats are the costliest floor mats on the market, but they keep their value well and, depending on the needs, may be worth the investment.

In contrast, rubber floor mats are very cheap. They always come free with your car, so it may always be an inexpensive option to upgrade to 3D mats. However, if the price is your bottom line, rubber mats will still fit suitable for your budget.

Bear in mind that your buying price will need to factor in maintenance costs. If your rubber mats start fraying and tearing earlier than you want, it might be worthwhile instead of investing in 3D floor mats.


Nothing beats 3D floor mats in terms of fit. They are accurately moulded into space, leaving no holes to ruin the underlying carpet with water and soil. You don’t have to think about odors, de-coloration, or rot with 3D floor mats on the top of underneath floor mats. It can bring substantial peace of mind.

You can buy rubber mats that match the exact interior of your vehicle, but they also shift around somewhat and don’t cover the sides of the floor space. 3D floor mats are the best bet to keep your interior safe and tidy in the long term, whether you live in a rainy or stormy environment or you use your car for work.


For certain people, a car’s aesthetic matters a lot. After all, you don’t buy a car only for show-off from the outside. Both the exterior and the interior look and feel are significant. The right floor mats are essential if you really want to maximize your interior. So, I suggest you to look for “Audi floor mats” for your car.

They will brighten up an interior and make it feel even more premium than the price tag of the car shows, and they come in a range of colors.

For a luxurious interior, 3D floor mats are an excellent way to go. They deliver a smooth finish that is hard to beat. If you remember, though, that you’re never going to scrub your mats, rubber reveals more minor wear over time and is still smooth and trendy. 3D floor mats require a little more work to keep tidy, but if you want the luxury, it can be worth the effort.


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