For any reason, if you’re considering switching to Vodafone phone plans, this is the best time to do it. You’ll find some different types of hot plans for their prepaid and postpaid plan on the eve of the New Year. Also, you’ll find some more reasons to love the third largest mobile operator in Australia. It has a consistent innovative force that’s pushing the country’s local industry forward regardless of having not the same coverage as Telstra or Optus. This one has some amazing plans for you as the great return of your money. But, its crown jewel value phone plan of $5 that’s a daily basis, which could be your best choice if you need overseas calling options. In the same way, you’ll find some other attractive deals from this provider, but we’re here with some great value plans for your different types of needs.

Best Phone Deal

You’ll find some exciting plans with unlimited data with capped data allowance at the maximum speed. If you’re one of the heavy data users you can check these plans out. For example, you like to get the latest iPhone but don’t afford for its higher price tag, so you can get the new iPhone XS for only $40.50 per month for 24 months’ plan. Thus, you can get this deal with Red Plan for $45/ month with 64GB data allowance every month. This way, you can get some other similar plans with a lot of data and other offers depending on your demand.

Best SIM-Only Plan

It’s another great plan for you with max speed if you like to switch to Vodafone. In this plan, you’ll get a massive amount of data, 100 GB where 60 GB is a bonus and it’s capped at 1.5Mbps speed. With this big data, you’ll get unlimited national and some overseas calls for $60 Red Plus plan for 12-month basis. In addition to these, you’ll get Qantas Points as a bonus if you shop the plan online. In the same way, depending on your demand, you can get some other similar plans with a lot of data and other offers.

Best Prepaid Deal

If you’re ready to go with this carrier, you’ll find it has refreshed Combo Plus sim only plans with huge data and overseas calls inclusions. For example, there is a Combo pack that’s available in a half price, which is only for $40 for the New Year eve. It’s applicable only for the starter pack and the pack offers you 40 GB data with 17 GB bonus with 35-day duration. In addition to this, you’ll get unlimited local talk time with SMS and 500-minute overseas talk time for Zone 1 country and for the Zone 2, you’ll get 100 minutes. On the other hand, you can get its $50 Combo Plus plan for 50 GB data with unlimited local calls and 35-day validity. Besides, you’ll get a 1000-minute overseas talk time for Zone 1 country and for the Zone 2, you’ll get 150 minutes.


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