Limos are a prestigious thing when there are special events. It might be a wedding, birthday, prom, celebrating graduation, and much more. But you can’t be aware of how the service of a limo works if you’re riding on irregularly.

Most importantly, you may ask your own, “what’s the cost of renting a limo and party bus rentals near me?’ And you can wonder that you thought it much higher than the real cost. So, it was affordable to you for many of the past events that you celebrated in usual way.

Also, you probably don’t know how much or when you should tip while using a limo. We’ll help you to know everything you need. So, before you look for a “limousine rental service near me“, take a look at the below topics. You’ll learn much better than you know about them.

What Is the Cost of Renting a Limo?

Depending on some factors, the cost of renting a limo varies. The factors include limo the type, hours to travel, stoppages, and others. We tried to find typical prices to give you an assumption about the cost that may vary from one service provider to another.

There are different types of limo, and the costs also vary on the standards. For example, if you rent a luxury sedan for 3 to 4 people, it’ll cost $40 to $79 per hour. For the small limo, it’ll be $60 to $80 for about 6 to 8 people. Also, there is a large limo that costs $75 to $130 for 9 to 12 people per hour.

Likewise, it also costs from $100 to $250 for 20 people. Thus, it varies depending on various features. It also has an added cost of giving tips and some other fees. The fees include cleaning charges, service charges, and other applicable and required services.

What The Tip’s Amount Is You Should Give the Chauffeur?

Just add 15% go 20% of the total cost of a limo rental to find out the amount you should give as tips to the chauffeur. But, this is not fixed, and it may be more or less than the said percentage as the chauffeur count on gratuity to make a livelihood, tip as a minimum.

That said, if it’s automatically included in the bill calls in front to see.

What You’ll Find for The Costs

Well, in short, you have the freedom to do anything you want! But, it’s except for opening the door and escape suddenly! Just joking and lots of things you can do over there. For example, you’ll get a drink, and you’ll get it according to your age.

Also, there are video games where some limos have PlayStation and Xbox for the better entertainment. You can watch movies as the limos have TV inside. Besides, you can play your favorite music and the chauffeur will do it with happy.

Moreover, it’s a great place to relax after an excellent assignment or event completion. These are the cases where a limo could be the perfect place to calm down.


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