Moving companies do a lot of work for you, but the companies get paid for it. However, when the movers are done with unloading your stuff, you have to pay them out of courtesy. But how much?

Should You Tip Movers?

The main principle of tipping involves the smoothness of the dealing and how the movers exceed your expectations. But, a question that a lot of people ask when they are moving from one place to another, is that “Should you really tip movers?” Tipping movers is a sign of showing appreciation and gratitude. Not tipping the movers will make you look cheap and uncourteous. At the same time, you don’t want to look over-the-top and over-tip the movers. So, it is best to stay in the center and pay a certain amount of tip to the movers.

Although movers don’t mind at all being tipped extra, but their efforts should be proportional to the tip you are giving them.

The Attitude of the Movers Matter

To determine how much, you tip the movers, depends mainly on how their attitude and body language is towards you. If the moving staff is very full of themselves, they are very arrogant, they don’t follow your orders properly and they mishandled a lot of your stuff, then you might want to consider not tipping the movers at all, or to tip them on a lower scale. On the other hand, if the moving staff is generous and humble, they are apologetic over their wrong actions for not obeying you and if they pass your expectations, then you should pay them a generous tip. These are the people who deserve this tip.

Know the Pay Rate of the Company

If the company is paying the movers a hefty amount, then why should you tip them extra? You need to know the pay rate of the moving company before you decide whether to tip the movers or not. If the company is not being generous in paying the movers and the attitude of the movers is good towards you, then you can pay a little extra to the moving staff, but if the company is paying a generous amount to the moving staff, then you can easily slide through the moving process without having to tip them.

The General Pay Rate for Tips

In general, the pay rate for tips is given as:

For about half a day, the general tip is 4 dollars to 6 dollars. If there are a lot of things to move and there is a lot of handling and care involved, then you can add an extra 5 to 8 dollars. For a move, where more than one day is involved, it may exceed 20 dollars or more. In a nutshell, you have to keep in mind, the work the movers are putting in.

How to Reduce Moving Costs?

You can lessen moving costs by reducing your stuff. Put things you don’t need at one side and get a trash removal NY service to haul it away.

It also costs you, but when you have removed clutter and unnecessary items with the help of a Bronx trash removal company, there will be less stuff to move, which means less moving costs.


Whether you are paying the movers out of courtesy or because of extra work, make sure you are not going too overboard or under the board.


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