While adjourning your family law trial or hearing in BC, it’s a way to delay the time of hearing for some days to months. That means your issues will not get a resolution by a judge until the next date. The court limit of family law trial is normally 5 days to 10 days in duration.

This is why most judges avoid adjourning trials, particularly, if there is involvement with custody. But, if you can present some good reasons, the judge can consider and approve the request of adjourning.

Like Vancouver business contract lawyer, a quality lawyer can get the favor of adjourning. It’s because the process of adjourning is a bit complicated and no all lawyers can do it. So, let’s know how they do it.

Reasons & Chances of Getting Success of Adjourning

Some reasons ensure the chance to get success on adjourning. To get success on the issue, you’ll have to know these reasons. So, before we go some other topics, let’s know the things that affect your success to adjourn.

When You Don’t Have Money to Pay Your Lawyer

You might have not adequate money to give your legal representative to stand for you. So, you have to give details to the adjudicator why it’s significant to get the best business lawyer plus how many days you want to afford one.

The judge usually doesn’t allow this at the same time as a good reason to suspend trial in most circumstances. This is not easy to make done by the judge unless you have a strong lawyer. Also, you’ll get seriously issue while you don’t have a lawyer.

However, you have to provide the judge with a reasonable schedule. It means you should not say that you’re not sure when you’ll afford a lawyer or you need 2 years to do it. With the help of a sensible amount of days or months to get a lawyer, explain the judge the plan you have made to ensure you have sufficient money.

When Document or Financial Disclosure Not Available  

It’s a good possible reason to suspend your trial, but just applicable in some particular situations. For example, you previously meaning before the trial has ordered big financial disclosure. But, your bank or some other entities are taking enough time to make this type of disclosure.

Or, you might have prepared an expert report, which is still not ready for the trial. You can request to suspend trial if you have a professional report that was not made obtainable before 84 days.

When You Have a Serious Illness

It’s not enough to say you’re feeling ailing. This is because nobody feels good throughout family law and litigation trials. The period of trial is full of anxiety and stress that people hate to be part of it.

Forget about getting to adjourn it because of feeling sick unless you’re seriously ill that can back up with several doctor notes and letters.


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