After having gone through an entire arduous job of getting your house renovated, you are now stuck with the construction mess left behind. Normally, construction companies do not offer cleaning services after construction. Most they ever do is clear up the big chunks of wood or debris left behind. Construction is a very dusty business and now that your entire house is covered in it, it can be very irritating to deal with, especially because it is very harmful to your health. Here are a few tips for you to follow to clean up the mess left after your house renovation.

Take Responsibility Upon Yourself

You can take up the cleaning job at your own responsibility if you are not too sensitive to dust, and make your house look just as good as new as cleaning services can make them look, except at a far cheaper price. Below are steps for you to follow that will leave your house neat and clean.

  1. Run vacuum thoroughly across the floor, and sweep to after to ensure absolute spotlessness. Do not miss out on the walls and ceiling.
  2. Disinfect the floor alike to kill any lurking germs left behind.
  3. Do not forget about the upholstery while vacuuming.
  4. Dust off and wipe the doors, doorknobs, the moldings, and hardware.
  5. Scrub and cleanse your bathrooms and kitchens floors along with the appliances on the counter, the counter itself and all the other surfaces being top of kitchen cabinets that most tend to overlook.
  6. Wipe the dust off the window interiors and their sills and frames alike.
  7. Ducts, vents, blinds, lighting fixtures, grates, ceiling fans, are likely for you to miss out on them. Make sure to clean thoroughly between the sills of the windows.
  8. Knobs, doors, and hinges are most likely to catch on the germs along with the dust left behind. Remember to sterilize them along with wiping them clean until you see your reflection clean and clear.
  9. Shelves, closets, and cabinets are a must. However, their interior is just as important that their exterior. If you didn’t have them covered during the time of renovation, now is the time to clean them properly.
  10. Take out the trash that has all the left behind debris in it.

Hire a Debris Removal Service

You can hire a service that will remove and dispose of your house’s renovation waste. Look for a junk removal service Staten Island service that is affordable and book them. They will arrive with their truck and staff. The staff will begin loading renovation debris to the truck and once they are done, they will take the money and drive away.

You can then clean your place just as you do normally for a spotless and beautiful home.


So, you have the option of doing it yourself, but it can become much easier if you get a trash removal Brooklyn NY service to haul away the debris and junk. Good luck!


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