Seems difficult breaking up with your Realtor? Getting rid of your real estate agent isn’t easy but sometimes it is necessary.

We know if you are buying or selling something, a realtor holds a significant place in the process. If you get lucky enough to find the right agent, he/she can help you make or save good amount of cash. But if the agent fails to satisfy you in anyway – for example helping you sell house fast Dallas – then you must find a valid reason to get rid of him.

And there lies the big question “How to actually do this?”

Reasons to Get Rid of a Realtor

  • The Real estate agent has poor communication skills
  • He isn’t flexible enough to amend his schedule to match yours.
  • The property isn’t selling according to your demands.
  • He isn’t using the latest methods and technology to market your property
  • He is lying or being unethical

Getting Rid of Your Realtor as a Seller

Being a seller isn’t as glorious as it sounds especially if you are selling a property that has some sentimental value for you or holds a special place in your heart and on top of that, you want to sell house fast Dallas. Finding the right agent in this tough and stressful time isn’t always easy, as you are already under a lot of stress and anxiety. No one wants to get into the wrong hands for sure but, sometimes fate lets us take some bad decisions which are a bit difficult but still possible to fix.

The difficulty lies in the part, where you are selling and in turn you have to pay the agent. You must have a signed and well written contract which in most cases gives the agent an “exclusively selling right”. The trick in the agreement lies where the agent listed is entitled to receive the commission no matter who so ever finds the buyer.

But the good news is that there is also a clause where the duration of the agreement is discussed, which is generally somewhere between 3 or 6 months. Always try to keep the time period near the 3 months’ time slot, which seems to be short enough and in line with your goal to sell house fast to the house buyers Fort Worth. Hence if you are not satisfied with the agent’s performance, you can get rid of him by simply not renewing the contract any further.

Getting Rid of Your Realtor as a Buyer

Saying goodbye to your real estate agent being the buyer is fairly not as difficult as it for the sellers. One of the biggest reason is that you don’t pay them even if they find a good property and help you buy it, the buying and selling process basically involves an agent who represents the buyer and another one who is the listing agent. Once you buy a property, the commission which is usually 5-6% is equally divided by both agents, and this money is paid by the seller not the buyer. However when buying it is still necessary to find an experienced and qualified agent who is capable of assisting you by showing all potential properties and are flexible in dealing specially while negotiating price.

Whatever reason that may be, if you still find your agent to be unable to satisfy you, you can simply bow out, by gracefully and politely explaining to them that you won’t be in need of their services anymore.


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