You’ll get access and storage of your medical images from different locations and devices while using RIS PACS system. The system uses ultrasound to create images and makes reports accordingly. This is a process that’s replacing the need for using manual transport and film for medical imaging.

It’s one of the best breakthroughs in this industry. But, it has some issues that need understanding and time to resolve like most other new technologies. So, before you buy this system, you should know about the solutions to the issues.

It’ll make your process of using the system smoother. But, if you don’t know the issues and their fixes then you’re likely to face a lot of hinders. So, let’s know them below:


While handling the system their own, it could be very expensive for you. If you’re an owner of an IT department or individual, you may need the support of this system. It costs not just money, it also costs lots of money that many facilities have not or little in amount. You can pick a SaaS (Software as a Service) model instead of going through this system.

If you use SaaS PACS, it’ll provide you the support of the specialized vendors. If you don’t find 24/7 basis, you’ll get them during usual work hours. Without getting to hinder with regular practical workflow, they’re able to handle any problem remotely.


PACS RIS system reaches more audience than this is realized by the administrators. Its expose and access is a nice thing that has an overall workflow to help everyone. Then again, if you have a big pool of staff to use the system, you have more chance to get more questions to place.

There is an easy solution to anticipate misconception to manage your staff and system accordingly. So, you have to create a communication plan to train your staff to teach how to use the entire process.


You’ll find PACS is losing its functionality when your network is weak or down. It can lead to a big headache and data-loss if you have unstable connectivity or network issues with your devices. The issues have a great solution; you’ll have to use cloud storage or web-based PACS.

When you’ll share files on the cloud, your files will be stored in a remote place. You’ll need to use the internet to access, use, and share them. Among some other benefits of using cloud service, you’re able to use it from anywhere and anytime. Also, it’s safer than your storage.


Speed is a large issue of using your internal network that host PACS. When you have a slower internet connection for higher traffic, you can be frustrated to share or upload your studies. But, if you go through SaaS or web-based PACS, you’ll be using an external network.

Also, you’ll get a guarantee of the fastest output. So, you have to check the system by using a demo version. It’ll make you able to test the speeds of storing and sharing your files.


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