Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes. And when it comes to barbers, everyone wants the best ones since it’s not only about a haircut but also about the whole appearance. If you are wondering “What are the best barber shops for black hair near me Astoria?” you have come to the right place. Today we talk about the best barbershops for black hair in Astoria, New York.

Well Kept Barbershop

One of the best in Astoria and they have some industry-leading best reviewed barber near me, they are run by two guys who are passionate about the art of cutting hair. To them cutting hair is not only a mere job but a craft. And they have polished craftsmanship from a very early age. Their price range is a little higher compared to their competitors but it’s all worth it when you take into consideration the service they provide you with along with the ambiance of the shop.

Eddie’s Barber Shop

A very friendly barbershop run by people who are always attentive to the needs of the customers and they also give personal recommendations if asked. The wait line is never long so you can hope to get a haircut quite easily without an appointment. The customers usually call this the best barbershop in Astoria for African American males; they also give tremendous haircut for other ethnicities as well.

Astoria Barbers

Previously known as Hero’s, this barbershop is quite popular in Astoria. They have been there since 2002 and have loyal customers. Not too many barbers know how to give a good haircut for black hair, but these guys do a terrific job at this. They aren’t just a regular barbershop, they can go beyond your expectations. They are very knowledgeable about the latest trends.

Fernandez Barbershop

An awesome barbershop with good barbers who do their job wonderfully. Customers frequent there as they give quality service. They take appointments but you can get a haircut by walking there as well. Their price is low compared to their competitors. You can get a regular haircut by only paying $12.

T.Cox Studios

A newcomer compared to their competitors, T.Cox Studios was established in 2017. The owner is an African American woman who wants to bring all communities together in his shop. They provide quality service at an affordable price. They deeply care about their clients and want them to be satisfied with the service so that they can leave with a smile and a bond is created.

Despite being a newbie, T.Cox has very loyal customers who are satisfied with the service and recommend them to their friends.


Hopefully, this list answers your query of “Best barbershops for black hair near me Astoria.” You can check them out and we guarantee you will find them worth every penny.


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