Hiking boots are your faithful companions while walking on the muddy and gritty trails. They help you to survive the muddy path and ensures your safety against particular fall offs. Therefore, using them with care and cleaning them correctly is your crucial responsibility.

However, you might be tired after getting back from a hike; you can keep it there for that day. But you must clean it the next day, and it has no other option.

Each time you make your boots dirty, it comes closer to small particles of mud and dust. That may destroy the core material of your boots. Also, it looks faded the next time you wear it.

Hence, we are proceeding with some of the ways to clean your boots in this write-up. Read it out and get the whole idea. So, before you look for “running shoes sale,” know how to clean hiking boots.

Cleaning the Uppers Side of Your Boots

Always remember to open the laces before you start cleaning. Or else, a lot of dirt may be stuck in the laces, and there’s no point of cleaning if you can’t get rid of all the dirt. Anyway, after that, you got to brush up the boots with a smooth and soft brush that doesn’t harm the leather.

Eventually, use a good quality cleaner to wash your boots. Washable boots require water while cleaning. Also, be careful with the products you use while cleaning them.

Cleaning the Outsoles

The outsole is the place where mud stuck the most. This mud may damage your outsole and feels caky sometimes. However, cleaning them is crucial because an uncleaned boot might be the reason for you to fall off.

Also, there can be small pebbles and pieces of bricks stuck there. Wash the outsole thoroughly with water may help to clean it. However, some mud can be very stubborn and not ready to go very easily. In the case of them, try to soak the boots in the water for a while. Thus cleaning them gets more comfortable.

Drying and Storing Tips

Now, once you are done with cleaning your boots, it’s your turn to dry them. To do this part, you got to separate the insoles and keep them to air-dry. The average temperature is suitable for this and humidity should below, also.

However, it’s better to not using any additional heat source like a fire or stove to dry your boots. It can damage the leather and fade it to some extent. Also, a fan can be useful to dry them quickly.

Storing your boots is another challenge as it might get damaged due to the lack of proper air or humidity. Therefore, keep them where the temperature is average, and there is no extra heat around it.

Moisturizing Boots

You cannot forget about conditioning your boot to keep them healthy and sound. The best time to prepare your boots is when the leather gets dry and sometimes cracked. However, all the leathers do not require conditioning.

Just like the common trail running shoes, moisturizing the leather makes your boots long-lasting. On the other hand, they look so shiny and smooth that makes it look almost new.


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