Hairstylists know hair and its types by heart. They also know various tricks to make your hair look and feel great. Our hair is an accessory that enhances our look and beauty. A hairstyle can totally change how you look, and these stylists know how to play with your hair. But let’s face it, who wants to spend all their money in-salon for hair care? Salon treatments and hairstyles can be costly depending on where you live. The good news is, you don’t need to go to hairstylists to get your hair treated. You can do so at home by following some important tips. Professional stylists share these tips to help you achieve lustrous and long locks. So, before you look for “hair extension service near me” go through the article.

Shampooing daily

You can shampoo daily; just keep in mind to buy shampoos that don’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a soaping agent that cleanses the scalp, but it’s harsh on hair. Some shampoos are made gentle, and for everyday usage, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair. Oily and greasy hair need to shampoo very often, and that’s why shampooing is essential.

Dirty hair is easier to style

Newly washed hair is tricky to style as it says silky and smooth with a hint of natural oils. Therefore, it is better to do hairstyles a day after you wash your hair. Dirty hair has natural oil, which helps to hold the hairstyle in place. If you need to curl your hair, but it doesn’t have a lasting staying power, it’s better to curl your hair when dirty.

Bangs are always in

Bangs are very fashionable and never goes out of style. The beautiful aspect of bangs is that it’s versatile, meaning that there are bangs for everyone. Curtain bangs are very much in fashion right now and suit every face, so you can try that. Other than curtain bangs, side-swept bands are great options as well. You can also opt for blunt cut bangs, but they aren’t flattering for all face shapes. Layering hair with bangs gives you that oomph factor!

You can get wavy hair at home

If you want tousled, goddess-like flow hair, big waves are your best friend. And doing them on yourself is easier than you think. You don’t need to use hair tools to curl them up into waves. Make two side braids or pigtails and go to sleep. Release the braids and spray some texturizing and holding spray to enhance the look. Salt spray is better to achieve textures to the hair; if you don’t have a salt spray, you can make your own with rock salt and water.

Play with colors

We all love coloring our hair. But before picking a suitable shade, we need to understand our skin tone. Some colors complement skin tones, while others make your skin look dull. If you have a warm skin tone, pick shades that have a warm undertone. For cold skin tone, choose cool and ashy tones. A neutral undertone individual can rock any color in the palette, so that’s a bonus. Don’t experiment on yourself; consult a hairstylist to help you pick the right shade.

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