There are a large number of awesome features every app needs to be viral. If you are about to develop your app, following essential features must be added.

1. Search Options

Search option has become the need of the hour. You will notice many apps without this option and it is the moment of great irritation. Most users want a search option on apps so that they can get everything they need. Therefore, when asking for app features to your mobile app development services, never forget to remind them about a search option.

2. User Feedback

Success of a great app comes through regular user feedback that the company considers to improve their app. You should also add the user feedback option so that it can be improved with the passage of time. Users will also feel contented that they are being heard and their voice is not being ignored.

3. Social Media Option

Additionally, your app should also include the social media networking capabilities so that anyone can share the content, posts and whatever they want. Users want the social media option because it has become quite necessary nowadays. Everyone prefers to share updates and interesting content on social platforms.

4. Responsive Design

Along with other features, it is highly needed that the app should have a responsive design which improves user experience and enhances brand reputation. There are various templates available for responsive app design that you can use. If you have a good app developer, this will be a bonus for you.

5. Mobile Friendliness

No one can deny the fact that only mobile friendly apps are successful. More than 70% of online traffic comes through mobile phones. Therefore, it becomes pertinent to make your app mobile friendly so that the users can have the best experience whenever they use it. Moreover, mobile-friendliness also improves SEO ranking.

6. Intuitive User Experience

The app you are going to make for your business or brand should be intelligent. In other words, it facilitates the users and leads them to the right things. Users want such apps which help them when they are shopping. Nowadays, many brands have made their mobile apps intuitive for the customers.

7. Customization

Customization refers to how the users are able to use your app. For instance, they should be provided with options for layout, color selection, font style and size and read mode. These features are a part of customization and make an app more attractive, user-friendly and competitive than other ones.

8. Simplicity

Lastly, as it is said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, you should also create a mobile app for your business that is simple and does not have any mess. Users should feel satisfied, the space should be used intelligently and color combination should appease eyes. These features will surely make your app far better than other apps.


When you have to develop an app, many important features such as search option, user feedback, customization, simplicity, mobile friendliness and improved user experience should be taken into account. Moreover, make sure to find ecommerce mobile app development services which can develop a speedy and responsive app for you.


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