1. Education is Not a Choice, It’s Mandatory

Australian government makes sure none is left behind to get the desired education and this is why they offer free of cost education till grade 12. Also, they provide textbooks to all students free of cost as well so that none can become an uneducated citizen.

2. Rising Economy

Australia is one of the most developed countries in the world with a very good and booming economy. You won’t see much difficulty in finding a job there as their economy is rising being a strong service sector and the fifth-ranked per capita GDP worldwide. Also, you get affordable unlimited international calls from mobile.

3. Healthcare for All

Australia provides fully covered health care to its residents which means 100% medical coverage of every citizen. However, people earning a good enough amount have to buy a private health insurance plan in order to balance out the economy and give a feeling of equality to everyone.

4. Great Standard of Living

Due to the booming economy, the average salaries are very high and so a local citizen can enjoy a luxurious way of living. Your standard of living drastically changes when you are living in Australia versus living in any other country considering the career level you are currently in. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a problem to opt for unlimited international calls from mobile.

5. Pleasant Weather with Low Crime Rates

The best thing about Australia is its pleasant weather to make every other day enjoyable for you. And of course, their crime rate is too low so you can roam around anywhere and at any time you wish without any worries.


1. Getting Work Visa is Very Difficult

Well if you have tried for the immigration you might have idea about the process being too tough. Even process varies a lot as per the nature of job you are looking for. So yes, the variants are too many which make the process too complicated to get the work permit.

2. Cost of Living is Very Expensive

Housing and groceries are the major factors of cost of living which are way too much expensive in Australia. Especially if you talk about major or big cities, the housing prices are extremely high for a normal person to even rent them.

3. Travelling Long Distance is Very Difficult

Small towns in Australia are very far away from each other and it is not easy to travel there. Those small towns are known as isolated cities of Australia where there is no access to public transport while personal automobiles are very expensive to buy for everyone.

4. Private Education is Very Expensive

If anyone would like to opt for private education, then it is not easier because of extremely high fees. Private education is almost impossible for a person who is earning an average salary there. However, unlimited international calls from mobile are cheap.

5. Water Shortage in Summer

It is too hot in the summer season there leading to water shortages in many areas across the country. It is very difficult to stay there during the summer season and the government is still trying hard to find a solution for this.


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