The experts believe there will be huge development and major changes in healthcare IT. Few of these predictions are listed below.

1. Data Mining and Record Keeping

The tech experts believe many people are working on systems that allow better record keeping and data processing. The utilization of health data for research will become more effective with the help of cloud and free online viewers, and with this data storage will be done in better ways to avoid any losses.

2. Tailoring the Health Plan to the Patient

Many governments have introduced health insurance systems with health cards for the poor. This simply allows poor people to get high quality treatment and medical services in private hospitals but the expenses are afforded by the government. This is the future of healthcare and the best way to deal with mass healthcare problems.

3. Cloud Computing and Healthcare

Healthcare sector has huge data and to store this, no onsite or physical storage solutions are enough. Rather, cloud services can resolve this issue. The hospitals will be able to store more data, access it anywhere with free online viewer and other tools, share it within and between hospitals and the ultimate result will be better healthcare services to the patients whereas currently DICOM viewer free download is being used for such kind of situations.

4. Moving to a Free-for-Service System

Experts believe in the US healthcare sector; the new thing is free-for-service service based on how good a provider is when it comes to treating patients. This also include to experiment with medication for three days instead of six days. However, it will take some time and more tech services for proper implementation.

5. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Many hospitals and doctors in the US are using artificial intelligence for treating cancer patients. They use AI to interpret cancer data in proving treatment to the veterans. This is the future of healthcare where AI will become more involved in health care. This will simply improve health services and the treatment being given to the cancer patients.

6. Electronic Health Records

This has become normal even at this time and age. However, the electronic health records will continue to get better as this is the most important thing and has plenty of opportunities for the use of latest tech. in future, health records will be simpler, time saving and better without any errors. Moreover, accessing them will be easier too with free online viewer and other new tools.

7. Rise and Growth in Telehealth

This has just started. But there is a long way to go ahead. The future of telemedicine is bright and more people will benefit from such services. A lot of individual doctors are offering telehealth services to patients in far off areas but it will get better with new tech.


8. Precision in Medicine

The healthcare sector has a long way to go when it comes to the use of better tech services for patients. Still, many patients die because they get wrong medicines or the doctors can’t recommend right medication for patients. However, this will no longer be an issue in future. There will be improvement in medicine and the chances of errors will minimize. The patients will get more accurate and precise treatment and medication.


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