Working as medical examiners is a pretty unique thing. Unlike other specialists who focus just only one part of the human body, they go with all aspects. In their entire professional lives, they examine loads of full body.

Indeed, it’s a quite new edge of big data sets if you consider a sequence of head’s CTs were bigger. However, you might be at risk while using something else than the cloud-based storage solution.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using DICOM software for Mac or Windows, going with another way in terms of storage matters much. Now the question is why we’re saying this way; because some serious issues are out there if you’re a medical examiner and not using cloud-based storage for DICOM converter software. What they are, let’s know below:

Wrong Storage Provides Wrong Output

Forcefully, we don’t say that you have to buy the cloud-based solutions that we provide. We just like to aware of you about to better your initiative to your patients with effectiveness. Solutions, for example, Cloud PACS is very perfect to support your needs in medical imaging.

So, you must press the STOP button if you’re using some other storage like local PACS, hard drive, image router, or file cabinet. They’re extremely unsafe to store images using these methods. You probably don’t have the mistakes, so you’re not thinking what might happen with your images.

Such as, your image files may destroy due to an earthquake at any time. As a result, it’ll destroy your practice and career at the same time. These are not all about the issues of using other storage than the cloud because some other dangers are out there.

For example, you may fall into a serious technological fault that can ruin your entire storage system. It’s because we know that the systems are not pretty perfect which means they’re not out of risk of failing anytime. We can get an example at this point that you might have used a computer in your medical school time.

You wrote using MS Word that was needed to store your file by constantly clicking on the save button. If you forget and something happens with your system, you lost all that you did. Things we’re talking about the cloud-based storage is almost the same. You’re storing your studies with a hard-working, but you’re at risk of losing them anytime.

Size of PACS You Need

We have noted that medical examiners who are our clients use up to 4TB of storage space annually on average. It’s a large and lots of space to use for one examiner. You can’t even imagine what you need to do if you like to get this amount from your local solution.

Thank God, the cloud solution comes with unlimited storage prospect, unlike local storage. It doesn’t require using your office space and it costs less than other systems in the long run.

The cost might be much lower if you use a lesser amount of space. In the same way, it’ll be higher if you use more space, but the cloud-based solution is real so far.


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